A couple weeks of color-themed learning!

We’ve been absent the past week because the little guy has been a crab and a half. He’s not interested in doing any of the activities that I worked hard to brainstorm and create. I figured I’d share them anyway in case your littles would enjoy them!

We’re hoping to learn all about colors this week! The first activity is something I like to call Rainbow Road.

Materials needed:

-Colored construction paper

-Masking tape

-Toy car (or anything else you want to use)

The goal of the activity is to work on color recognition so there’s a little bit of math mixed with language building. You could even add a physical component by having your child “drive” themselves across the road!


Work on color recognition, fine motor control, and hand-eye coordination during this bead lacing activity!

The goal of this activity is to match the colored beads with their corresponding pipe cleaner. The little guy did a great job with this activity!


Here’s a fun color sensory activity to try with your littles! I don’t know the technical term for it but I call it color bleeding!

Materials needed:

-Paper towel


-Cup with a small amount of water

During the activity, we first made some marks on the paper towel with the marker, then we added it to the cup of water and observed what happened.

It was pretty magical for the little guy!


We’re continuing our exploration of colors for another week!

Sensory activities are a great way of exploring colors! Full disclosure—this is the sensory rice I used back in February for Valentine’s Day (🙈). But colors are colors right?

During the activity we worked on skills such as:

-Identifying colors


-Whole arm movements

And because the little guy’s love of construction vehicles have to be incorporated into almost everything—here’s a bulldozer for your viewing pleasure! 🤣


Work on both color and letter recognition with this fun activity!

In our second week of learning about colors, we opted for this fun colored letter sorting activity.

Materials needed:

-Alphabet pieces

-Construction paper

I simply provide the container of colors and just observed what the little guy would do. Naturally, he dumped it all out. But I was able to encourage him to engage in the activity by asking questions like where certain colors go, what letter it was, as well as what color a letter was.


Yesterday we worked with colored masking tape for a sensory activity! It’s probably one of the quickest set ups that yield the greatest entertainment (at least for my little guy)!

We basically explored the different colors, felt the difference between the sticky side and the non-sticky side, and worked on placing his tape over mine (which he clearly has a long way to go 🤣).

All in all, it was a great activity!

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