A field trip to a sunflower field

We had a nice morning at the sunflower fields yesterday! If you come to Kuipers Family Farm or another sunflower field, take a moment to soak in all your surroundings and look at its learning potential. During our visit, we worked on:

-Building language

Visiting the farm helped make sense of the words that we’ve been reading about in our books. It really helps to see the actual object and be able to interact with it. It takes language learning to a whole new level!

-Social-Emotional skills

Pre-covid we had been working on waiting our turn but now we needed to work on remembering to keep our distance from others. (I actually heard several parents giving their own children a similar speech about maintaining a good social distance)

-Sensory skills

While in the sunflower field, we got to smell the aroma of the sunflowers, feel their texture, and visually explore the sunflower varieties.

-Gross/Fine motor skills

Gross motor skills got a little a bit of challenge while walking on bumpy grass, semi-smooth gravel, and smooth dirt. Those little hands spent a lot of time pointing out different items on the farm, directions to go, and felt different textures.

-Math skills

We used the opportunity to continue our practice with counting flowers and identifying big/little flower heads.

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