A week of Fall-themed activities

Since the first day of Fall was this past Tuesday, we spent the week exploring all there is to know about Fall!

We made a bird feeder on Monday! That’s a Fall activity right?!

Materials needed: -Toilet paper or paper towel roll -Butter knife -Peanut butter (or allergen appropriate substitute) -Bird seeds (we used a cardinal mix) -Paper plates -Twine

This was a great opportunity for my little guy to practice following simple directions! We first worked on scooping the peanut butter and spreading it on the toilet paper roll. Then we rolled the roll over the bird seed and hung it up with twine.

As you can tell, some peanut butter was lost in the process so definitely have some extra utensil on hand for hungry little fingers!

Here’s some fun ideas using leaves (from outside, artificial or printed)!

Leaves in the basket: Encourage your child to arrange leaves in an actual basket or simply place them on a printed basket. This is a great way to work on problem solving skills as well as build language skills!

Leaf patterns: Explore ABAB (or any variation) pattern with your child!

Leaf patterns: Encourage your child to arrange leaves by size, color, amount, or even shape!

I found some cheap packs of mini pumpkins the other day! I brought them home to the little guy to see what we could do with them. We have a busy day today but we did get to work on some math skills.

During this activity, we worked on arranging the pumpkins in a line and counting them!

Fall items at the local hobby store are already discounted the other day! I used that opportunity to make a Fall sensory bin for the little guy! We explored all sorts of shapes, colors, textures, and scents!

I love this time of year so much that I may just create a fall-themed activity every day until winter

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