A week of grocery shopping themed fun!

Incorporate number recognition into your grocery shopping themed activities by having your little explore sales ads!


Scored this bad boy on #facebookmarketplace for $10!

As part of our week of learning all about grocery shopping, the little guy has been engaging in the role of cashier! He practices scanning items, bagging them, and accepting payments!

This activity is a great opportunity for practical world experience!


Grocery shopping meets art in this activity! For this activity, you’ll need:

-Sales add



-Paint brush (optional)


During the activity, the little guy looked through the clippings and worked on identifying the grocery items by name while gluing them on the paper!

Skills worked on include:

-Recognizing images

-Using an art utensil appropriately


Here’s a fun grocery shopping themed math activity! All you need is items from your pantry!

Here, my little guy is working on sorting the various grocery items. We made 3 piles: pasta, tea, and canned tuna. Once we had the items grouped, we practiced counting them! This is a great opportunity to practice more/less and arranging groups by quantity!


We’re learning all about grocery shopping this week! During art time this morning, we experimented with mixing black and white to make gray!

The little guy used that gray paint to make a shopping cart while practicing horizontal/vertical lines and circles!

Such a quick, easy activity to set up and clean up!

Skills worked on in this activity include:

-Drawing horizontal/vertical lines

-Drawing circles

-Using a utensil appropriately

-Color recognition

-Creative Expression

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