Animal track art

Making animal tracks (even if the tracks look nothing like actual animal tracks) is another activity that inspires a level of dramatic play along with working on other skill areas.

During this activity, my son worked on:

1) Fine motor skills -He worked on manipulating the farm animals to make tracks on the paper

2) Gross motor skills -This activity required whole arm movements so he got a lot of practice coordinating those muscles

3) Sensory -He got to feel the difference in texture between the hard farm animals, cool paint, and smooth paper

4) Problem-solving -He experiment with different levels of pressure on the animals to create the tracks. He quickly learned that too much pressure wouldn’t let him do what he wanted.

5) Inspire creativity/imagination

-We talked about what the animals were doing (running, walking, drinking water, sleeping)

6) Build language -Extra opportunities to talk in parent-led conversations helps language areas that need more attention. For my son, we spend time just answering each other’s questions.

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