Another week of Fall theme fun!

We made a paper pumpkin this morning!

Materials needed: -1 to 2 pieces of orange construction paper -Toilet paper roll -Tape -Child safety scissors or scissors for adult use only

1) Cut the paper length-wise into strips (the longer the strips, the taller/wider the pumpkin) 2) Arrange the strips into a fan pattern and spot tape to each strip 3) Bring the top of the strips together in opposite pairs and tape together 4) Cut a small piece off the toilet paper roll and tape on the pumpkin

Use the opportunity to talk about scissor safety, the colors of the materials and the shapes observed, and what you are making!

We explored the concept of cause-and-effect with fall items the other day!

Materials needed: -Small acorns or pine corns -Toilet paper roll

We spent some time talking about what happens when we put the pine cone in the toilet paper. It was a great opportunity to work on prepositions too (up/down, above, below)!

We explored pumpkin guts the other day! This was such a fun sensory activity that grew into other other activities. Our primary goal was just to cut open a pumpkin and explore its contents. Here’s how our activity grew:

-We matched the two pieces of the pumpkin together. For a challenge, we cut open a gourd as well. -We practiced doing open-close motions -We practiced fine motor skills by individually removing every single seed from one side of the pumpkin -We practiced scooping skills with the use of a spoon -We explored the smell and texture of the pumpkin

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