Apple stamping

We tried out some apple stamping earlier today! This was a fun way to challenge those fine motor skills since the apple was a little more challenging to pick up. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I like to make the most out of every learning opportunity—and that’s just what we did!

These are the skills we worked on: -Following simple directions -Identifying colors -Fine motor skills -Building language -Answering simple questions -Counting -Matching -Stacking

What you see here is a mix of parent- and child-led activities within an umbrella activity. Was the goal just to stamp apples? Yes. But my son wanted to experiment with what he could do with the apple slices so we branched off at times and then came back to stamping.

To try this activity with your little one all you need is some sliced apples, paint, paper, and a little imagination!

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