Construction week!

This week we’re learning all about construction!

Our book choices are “Trucks and Diggers” by DK Publishing and “Construction Sites” by Usborne. While reading through the books we practiced a variety of skills such as:

-page turning

-pointing to pictures

-identifying pictures by name

-describing what is happening in the picture

-making predictions about what happens next

-engaging in pretend reading


For our math activity today, we practiced building houses with craft popsicle sticks. I tried this activity both freehand (meaning the little guy just built a house as he thought it should look) and guided. For the guided option, I drew the shape of a house on a piece of paper and the little guy matched the appropriate colored popsicle stick to the color of the lines on the paper.

This is a great opportunity to work on those fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, patterns, counting, and identifying colors!


We spent our art time building a construction vehicle using pre-cut shapes and glue! The little guy is elbow deep in the “do it myself” stage so that’s exactly what he did! Letting him doing the whole activity himself provides practice with problem-solving and helps foster his sense of independence!


Our sensory activity for today consisted of rocks, a bull dozer, and a toilet paper tube in a bin. The little guy had the opportunity to explore the bin freely while I asked him questions about what he was doing.

We’ve been using our white bin for water play recently so our construction sensory bin ended up in the sink and then the bath tub! But sensory play is sensory play right?

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