Countdown to Valentine’s Day—it’s here!

❤️It’s Valentine’s Day! ❤️

For our final Valentine’s Day themed activity, we did a sensory bin filled with tri-colored rice!

To dye the rice, you’ll need:

-Gallon size ziploc bags (one for each color)

-Washable paint

-Uncooked rice

Most of the directions I read have precise measurements but i free poured both my rice and washable paint to get the color hue I wanted. I shook each of the bags until the color was evenly distributed and then I spread them into a thin layer on a piece of aluminum foil. The rice needs to dry for at least an hour before use or else it can get a little messy.

The colors I chose for our sensory bin were blue, pink, and red. Blue might not be a typical Valentine’s Day color but I wanted to honor those who find today difficult.

Once our rice was ready, I informed the little guy and he eager got to work! We worked on whole-arm movements, wrist movements, and explored our senses!

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