Countdown to Valentine’s Day—no. 8

It’s the final day of our #montessorivalentine weekend series as well as day 8 of the countdown to Valentine’s Day!

This morning we worked on matching colors by matching dot markers to their corresponding heart color! For this activity, you’ll need:

-Construction paper


-Dot markers

-Heart stencil (optional)

To prep for this activity, I used my trusty stencil to draw hearts in different colors. I left the activity out for the little guy to discover on his own. We haven’t used the dot markers in a while so it didn’t take long for him to notice something “new” in the room! He seemed to know what to do so I just sat back and watched.

*Make sure your dot markers are primed beforehand or else they’ll complain the marker is broken like the little guy did. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

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