Making the most of swinging

While swinging can be a passive activity during infancy, it’s quite the opposite during toddler hood and beyond! Swinging can help:

-Build vocabulary -Sensory awareness -Spatial awareness -Develop gross motor skills -Develop math skills

Here’s some ways to work on these skills with your child:

-While using the swings with your child, encourage him or her to use their words when wanting help getting on or off the swing. -Use the terms “up and down” or “back and forth” to describe the motion of the swing -Talk about the smooth, rubbery texture of the swing seat and the feel of the wind on his or her skin as they swing -Pick a fixed point (such a tree) and observe how it’s location changes depending on where your child is on the swing -Encourage leg motions by standing in front of your swinging child and encouraging him or her to touch your hands with their feet. -Encourage your child to count the number of swings they complete as they move toward you

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