Read Across America Week!

I heard it’s Read Across America Week so I decided to devote the week to showcasing our favorite books and some corresponding activities!

Today’s book is “My First Zoo” by DK Publishers. This style of book might be boring for some adults as there isn’t an actual storyline. However, the language building potential is amazing! After reading through the book so many times, my son identity almost all the animals correctly—including his favorite, the kookaburra!

While reading through this book (or any book), with your child, remember to allow them an opportunity to interact with the book through pointing to pictures, turning pages, and holding the book. Even if your child doesn’t seem interested, they are still passively absorbing all that information so keep reading!

Here’s a inspired activity to go with this book:

-Play-doh zoo

My son really loves “feeding” the animals with play-doh so our zoo featured feeding and drinking stations. This is a great way to inspire creativity and challenge your little one with some open-ended questions!

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