Sun activity

We tried that sun painting activity I found the other day!

Materials needed: -Yellow construction paper -Orange paint -Glue -Plastic fork -Two small paper plates (for the glue and paint) -A paintbrush -White paper

Directions: Step 1: Encourage your toddler to tear pieces of yellow paper (this will be the sun) Step 2: With your toddler, brush glue onto the yellow paper and attach them to the paper in a circle fashion Step 3: Pour a small amount of orange paint on one of the plates and dip the fork in the paint. Encourage your toddler to use the fork to make the sun rays.

**Keep in mind that it’s process over product. There’s so much to learn from art activities even when the outcome isn’t pretty. I chose to think my son created a beautiful solar flare!

Credit to: The Happy Mommie/

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