Toilet paper roll flower painting

Create a beautiful flower garden with your child using a few materials!

Materials needed: -Toilet paper roll -(3) small paper plates -Child-safe paint -Scissors (adult-use only) -Poster board -Green marker

Directions 1) Make 1/2 inch cuts into one end of the toilet paper roll 2) Add your paint choices to the paper plates (I put multiple colors on each plate so we could experiment with mixing them) 3) Dip the frayed end of the toilet paper into the paint and then use it as a stamp to make flower heads on the poster board 4) Let dry and then use a green marker to add stems and landscape

Would the flower garden have looked better without that red-orange glob there? Most definitely. But remember that the process is just as important as the product itself. Every mark on that poster board tells a story of how 10 little fingers and a big imagination worked to together to execute a variety of skills. I look at that red-orange glob and see an experiment of a toilet paper roll and a little too much paint.

What do you see when you look at your child’s artwork?

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