Valentine’s Day Countdown —no. 12

This morning I came across a Pinterest pin by for Valentine’s Day sensory foam and I just had to try it!

This is such a quick and easy activity—all you need is:

-2tbs Dawn dish soap (other dish soaps may work!)

-1/4 cup water

-Red food dye or washable paint


-Spoonful of cornstarch

I mixed my ingredients with a handheld mixer at the highest speed for a minute or two but you can definitely use a kitchen aid as well! I did end up adding more of each ingredient to get a nice amount in my container so you may need to do the same depending on the container you use. did her activity outside but it’s winter here so we improvised and moved to the bathtub! Because I used food dye, I stripped my little guy down to his diaper and just let him explore the foam. Since we were in the bathtub, he expected there to be water so I obliged. He added water to his sensory foam to make into a foam soup (as he calls it).

Overall this is a great activity for practicing math skills, whole arm movements, and inspiring creativity!

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