Valentine’s Day for littles!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Here’s some activities

for your little ones to do!


We had initially planned on my little guy starting a 2’s program at a local preschool last Fall. However, we opted to keep him home due to Covid. I’m a former preschool teacher and a SAHM (stay at home Mom) so there are worse places he could be! Since my little guy isn’t in a preschool classroom with little friends, he can’t really have a classroom party for various holidays. I wanted him to have the same level of fun of a classroom party but from the safety of home. So I figured that we could have same Valentine Day themed fun—which brings us to my first Valentine’s Day themed activity:


It’s like the traditional handing out of Valentine’s Day cards except sending them through the struggling USPS. I ordered a box of Valentines through Amazon and stickers and a word scramble from Oriental trading. The little guy and I spend time practicing those scribbles while decorating Valentines and placing them into the envelopes. We are planning to send them to our cousins and close friends!

My little guy is only 2 but if you have older child, this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to address an envelope!


Valentine’s Day decorations typically consists of reds, pinks, whites, purples, Cupid’s, and more importantly—hearts! When it comes to heart art, the possibilities are endless! Here’s some of our favorites:

Symmetrical hearts

Materials needed:


-Child-safe paint


The idea here is pretty straightforward. To create our symmetrical heart, I first used a heart stencil to help me draw a heart. However, you can draw a freehand heart and cut that out as well. Once ready, we added drops of paint to one side and then folded the heart in half to create a mirror image on the other side!

Heart wreath

Materials needed:

-Large paper plate


-Paper hearts

-Hole punch


Move over Christmas wreaths, it’s time for Valentine’s Day wreaths! To create this wreath, all you need is the items listed above. This is just a simple heart wreath but you can be as elaborate as you’d like!

Tissue paper hearts

Materials needed:

-Colored tissue paper


-Construction paper

For this activity, I used my heart stencil but freehand drawing and/or cutting works just as well. We practiced our reading skills as we ripped the tissue paper and then glued them to the heart!

Heart shape flowers

Materials needed:

-Construction paper




Flowers with heart shaped petals make the best Valentine’s Day gifts to the special ladies in your little one’s lives! All that’s need here is a few small heart shapes arranged into floral patterns!


If you’re like me and like to keep the academic momentum going, try out these Valentine’s Day themed activities!

Heart color match

Materials needed:

-Small paper colored hearts

During this activity, little ones will get to showcase their mathematical knowledge by matching two hearts of the same color. This is a great opportunity to work on identifying colors, counting, and sorting too!

Big and little hearts

Materials needed:

-Two paper hearts—one large and one small

This activity is the perfect way to introduce mathematical sizing. As straightforward as it seems, all you do is help your little one identify which hearts are big and which are small.

1:1 correspondence with hearts

Materials needed:

-Number cards

-Small paper hearts

The goal here is to help little ones make the connection between the written number and the corresponding number of hearts. After some practice, your little one will be able to see 2 items and automatically recognize it as 2 items without needing to count them.

Heart shaped treats

Heart shaped treats is more of a practical life/science based activity. Little ones can help in the mixing of ingredients to see what happens and while practicing those whole-arm movements!

Heart ABCs

Materials needed:

-Construction paper



To prep for this activity, I used my trusty heart shape stencil to make 26 hearts and cut them out. Then with the little guy, we practiced singing the ABC song, identifying letters, and spelling out his name!


Of course this is just a little teaser for all the great Valentine’s Day themed activities. The possibilities are endless! Follow along starting February 1st, 2021 as the little guy and I do a Valentine’s Day countdown with new themed activities!

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