What Mom life means to me

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I am still new to this whole Mom thing but I've learning that my nearly 33 years of life has been divided into two distinct phases. The first phase is what I call the pre-Mom phase. This is where I was driven to excel in the workplace and my job would take over my personal life. I always wanted to be at work. This second phase, the Mom phase, began with a huge shift in priorities. I went from wanting to work to being fully absorbed in all aspects of being a Mom. It is important to note that Mom-life has a different meaning to each Mom. I'm just sharing my experience.

I have been a SAHM (stay at home Mom) for just under two years now and I have loved every moment of it. Well, almost every moment! Admittedly, the Mom-life can be somewhat chaotic as you learn to balance the demands of maintaining a home, a social life, being a Wife, a job (if you have one) and being a Mom. I'm not perfect. I still make mistakes and I still find myself awake in the middle of the night wondering if I could do better. However, in the ups and downs of this new journey, I have learned that although Mom-life is often chaotic, there is also a lot of learning potential in those moments. My hope is to share my experiences with my son and hopefully it inspires another Mom (or Dad) to take advantage of those moments with their children.

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